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I was FINALLY diagnosed with chronic migraine disorder about 2 years ago. That entire process of finally getting a diagnosis and treatment was a wild ride to say the least. But finally getting that diagnosis and treatment has improved my well being significantly! 

Please come walk/run alongside me, or donate to help raise awareness and funding for all of us who suffer from this horrendous disorder. 

A migraine is not "just a headache." The International Headache Society defines chronic migraine as a headache occurring on 15 or more days per month for more than three months, where at least 8 of those headache days have migraine features. Migraine features include: Moderate to severe pain that is often intense, Pain on one or both sides of the head, pain that is classified as “pulsing, throbbing, or pounding,” Nausea/vomiting, light, sound, and smell sensitivity, and other features. During my attacks, I suffer from all of the above plus vestibular and ocular disturbances. -

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